Testimonials from satisfied customers

I am here in Hilton Head with my family and we finally got around to opening the salsa I bought from you at the indoor market at Common Grounds. I must tell you it was a real hit and everyone liked it. Now my wife is talking about buying it by the case and giving more to the kids and using it as a gift to take to someone. So you have some good stuff for sure.

I must say that your salsa was nothing short of delicious. It was so tasty. The combination of flavors made it a real treat and I can’t wait to share it with a friend of mine who loves salsa. All I know for sure is, it tastes great and I look forward to being a steady customer.

Hi there,
I just got a note from the Village Clerk, raving about the salsa and asking how to get more. I gave it to all the ladies in the office, I am glad it was such a hit. You are now the Official Salsa of the Village of Cazenovia.

Hi Tina,
Love, love, love your product! It’s way too easy to eat a jar a night! 🙂
We just sent you a check for the last order, could we get some more?
2 cases of each would be great, and some samples would be even better!
I know once customers taste it they’ll buy it without a doubt.
Thank you,

Hi Tina!
I obtained your e-mail through a message sent to my daughter, Jill. I wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your salsa. It is delish and we are now on our 4th jar. It has been to our family gatherings and receiving rave reviews.

I came to the NYS Fair in Syracuse on Friday and was able to taste a sample of your salsa. I never tasted anything so fresh. I live in Clifton Park, NY (near Saratoga) and saw that the closest place to buy your product would be Syracuse. Is there is anything I can do to get your product in our local markets, Hannafords or Price Chopper please let me know. Great product¦..great taste¦very fresh.
Thank you,